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Get the right resources to help you ace your final CAIE A/AS exams for A Level Mathematics (9709) and Further Mathematics (9231).

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Get personalized online tutoring from Walter Maths, an experienced A/AS level tutor who has coached hundreds of students helping them achieve excellent results. You will receive topical guidance for content mastery as well as exam preparation tutorials.

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Access amazing courses to help you master your content as you prepare for the upcoming exams. In each course, I thoroughly explain each topic in the current syllabus specification, simplifying all the tough concepts and providing some useful hacks to help you pass your final exams with flying colours.

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Get a revision booklet today to maximize your exam preparation. These well-crafted booklets contain past CAIE exam questions and solutions sorted by topic. This is an invaluable resource to students preparing for their final examinations as they get exposure to type and style of questions they will encounter when they write their final exams.


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Walter Maths (Tutor)

With over 12 years experience as a High School Maths and Science teacher, I have grown to become a very effective and versatile tutor. I’m very passionate about teaching and I have managed to produce excellent results for my students. I have been implementing the flipped classroom approach, using my own engaging e-learning videos to tutor my students. I wish to assist students around the world, helping them achieve academic success. I do private one-on-one tutoring and I have taught students from different countries including India, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

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